Meditation with a focus on mindfulness has many benefits based on extensive research. The practice of meditation goes back thousands of years and clearly will enhance parents' overall wellbeing and improve their relationship with their children and youth of all ages.

To reinforce vital protective factors that build on the strengths of diverse parents the Meditations focus on resilience, wellbeing, and nurturance. 52 weeks of meditations with mindfulness techniques were developed. Meditations have instructions on the technique, positioning and surroundings needed to implement for maximum impact. Soothing nonproprietary music is included. On average Meditations are 12-15 minutes. Themes for Parent Meditations revolve around:

1. Healthy Eating
2. Leadership Development
3. Getting Active
4. Strengthening their Family
5. Balancing Life
6. Celebrating Learning
7. Addressing Safety
8. Advocacy
9. Fostering Recovery
10. Eliminating Bullying & Prejudice
11. Fostering Resilience
12. Creating Family Traditions

Since 2005, the Strengthening Families All Around the World has developed and utilized 52 Weeks of Mediations for parents, caregivers, and pregnant and parenting teenagers. Parents report the following personal benefits from using the Meditations:

  • Ability to ground themselves
  • Calmness
  • De-stressor
  • More focused
  • Clearer decision-making
  • Help with grief
  • Reduced social isolation
  • Ability to manage stress
  • Sharper thinking
  • Ability to lose weight
  • Healthier eating
  • Medication management
  • Support help seeking behaviors
  • Improved parent/child interactions
  • Ability to address childhood traumas
  • Foster positive relationships
  • Enhance spiritual wellbeing
  • Foster courage
  • Stop bullying
  • Fight injustices
  • Healthy boundaries
  • Foster meditation for their Children & Youth up to 25
  • Maintain sobriety and recovery
  • Builds self-confidence
  • Fosters leadership

Populations of focus of Strengthening Families All Around the World are diverse parents, caregivers, and pregnant and parenting teens, including those who are involved in the child welfare or justice system, Latine and BIPOC, suffering from health and mental health challenges, living in rural communities, and socioeconomically disadvantaged. Parent testimonials are highlighted below:

Don P. "I never thought I could meditate regularly. But I have and feel better spiritually. I am able to face my daughter with support and grace."

Michelle A. "Meditation has helped me manage my depression and help my son deal with his anxiety."

Maria S. "I have been able to focus and go back to school. I feel so much calmer."

Joe G.: "I was able to deal with my fear and become the Dad I always wanted to be."

Maria R. : "I have gained confidence and helped my kids do meditation which has assisted my son with ADHD by managing his thoughts and feelings. It so beneficial."

Margarita A. "I can handle my baby's crying so much better and now I take time for myself."

Art H. "I can handle the ups and downs and now are advocating for myself and my kids."

Krystal P. "I now have help so many other parents by sharing how much meditation has helped me dela with my mental health challenges."